rb_spread 2.0

This extension provides a set of Ruby bindings for the client API provided by the Spread Group Communication System. Spread is:

... a toolkit that provides a high performance messaging service that is resilient to faults across external or internal networks. Spread functions as a unified message bus for distributed applications, and provides highly tuned application-level multicast and group communication support. Spread services range from reliable message passing to fully ordered messages with delivery guarantees, even in case of computer failures and network partitions. Spread is designed to encapsulate the challenging aspects of asynchronous networks and enable the construction of scalable distributed applications, allowing application builders to focus on the differentiating components of their application. [1]
rb_spread provides bindings for almost all of the Spread client API. It is reasonably similar to the Spread C API, only differing where I felt there was a good reason to do so (e.g. to make the API more object-oriented or closer to idiomatic Ruby).

Download: rb_spread 2.0rc1 source tarball. The SF.net project page has older versions.

Documentation: API documentation for rb_spread is available. This can also be generated from the rb_spread source code via the rdoc Makefile target. The Spread documentation is also a helpful resource.


rb_spread 2.0 is written and maintained by Neil Conway (neilc AT samurai DOT com). rb_spread 1.0 was written by George Schlossnagle; this version of rb_spread is derived from George's work, although most of the code has been rewritten and the API has been changed. rb_spread is released under the Perl Artistic License.

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